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I am Emir Husic

Senior Software Developer

I'm a passionate software developer with expertise in various programming languages and frameworks, gained through experiences in both the public and private sectors. As a bridge between business goals and innovative IT solutions, I take immense pride in delivering results for small and large-scale ventures. Knowledge sharing is at the core of my principles, enhancing the quality of code deliveries and driving continuous growth.

Key skills:

AWS, Lambda, Cloudwatch, Route53, .NET, C#, XUnit, Java, JUnit, Spring Boot, Gradle, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Docker, MySQL, Flyway, Prisma, ReactJS, NextJS, Shell, Swagger, Git, GitLab, Infrastructure as Code, Javascript, Test Automation, Monitoring

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A landing page for esthetic injections with booking functionality separated from an admin panel. The panel has functionality for handling patient journals and their bookings.

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A landing page for a housing cooperative of 75 members - consisting of newsletters and public information that the committee updates through an admin panel.